Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I am excited to get my pre-order vinyl of Ang Nawawala OST but I am more excited to see Daydream Cycle perform again (just for 1 night) at the launch of the vinyl at Heima Three Brixton.

I've been a follower of the band since the Sanctum, Mayrics and 6Underground days. I was hooked by their music though I can't label their genre, dreamy pop or trip-hop sound if I may describe.

I am glad that the band signed my Daydream Cycle S/T and Underwater Kite albums. The band members were amazed to see a physical copy of their first album. As per Japs Sergio, the album is so rare that no one in the band has a copy. He told me what happened to the master copy of the album and I understand why they never insisted on getting it back. I let him borrow the CD so he can copy it.

Set list 
1. In The Flow (Daydream Cycle S/T Album)
2. Indica (Daydream Cycle)
3. My Luscious Star (Daydream Cycle)
4. In My Dark
5. Winter's Gone (Underwater Kite Album)
6. Avenue (Underwater Kite Album) 
7. Roses and Cadillacs  (Underwater Kite Album)

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  1. I was here and that was ndoubtedly the best part of the night aside from getting the ang nawawala OST vinyl!:) seeing them after 5 years and having my old cd signed too!